Innovative Consumer Products

We design, manufacture and market world-class medical and wellness products.


ExoArmor features FDA Registered walking boots and orthopedic braces to help accelerate rehabilitation.

TruContour Sleep Systems

TruContour features specialty pillows and cushions designed to help increase comfort and reduce musculoskeletal pain.

Our Business Philosophy

Our mission is to impact the human condition in a positive way.

Our strategy is to identify medical, wellness and safety markets where we believe consumers are poorly served by outdated distribution models and antiquated product solutions.

We typically develop proprietary designs and partner with world-class international manufacturers to produce our own branded products.

We bypass traditional, inefficient, multi-level distribution networks by delivering our products directly to consumers, either through leading internet retailers like or through our own branded websites.

What Our Customers Say

This product has been a God sent. Thank you so much for the massive improvement to the quality of both our lives! You have both of our brand loyalty for as long as we are alive and you are in business. I'm planning to purchase additional pillows for more neck and mid-back support to help alleviate the pain and discomfort.

FABULOUS product. Management team did a follow up (proactive) to see if everything was OK. This product has singularly aided my back problems. My Chiropractor recommended this, and it REALLY helps!

I have never experienced this excellent level of support from a company before. They have earned my loyalty and will look for other opportunities to do business with them.